"At a start-up, it’s well within the realm of possibilities for you to start something tonight and have it out in front of people to play with by tomorrow afternoon." — Julie Zhuo

Small Cos. is a directory of companies that are very different from one another.

Some of them deal in bleeding-edge VR while others are trying to make saving and investing a little bit easier. One is creating a new kind of bike share. Another is connecting campers to outstanding campsites. There's even one building tools to make dispensaries more successful.

But they all have one thing in common: they are all small. As in, 50-employees-or-less small.

That's where this site comes in.

If you're looking for a job, this is the best place to find companies that are small enough for you to make a huge impact, push your skills to their limit, ship and learn quickly, and know everyone's name.

If you're a small company, Small Cos. is building a human way to find people who can thrive and hit the ground running on day one. It's not a job board, it's a way for you to introduce yourself to highly entrepreneurial people and share the challenges that you want help with.

Why work at a small company?

Find a place where you can make a huge impact

Dramatically accelerate your learning curve

Know everyone you work with and move faster